Tuesday 1 June 2010


Have just been to Sainsbury's. Because I wanted to be in and out quicksticks...I was there for 7am. I struggled to find some of the stuff I wanted so I had to ask. A spotty geeky young man who had obviously not worked there very long....hadn't a clue! Rushed to checkout with my trolley...only to find a woman in front of me at the one checkout that was open with a trolley loaded to the ceiling (she must have been shopping for an impending seige....it was only seven thirty - I have no clue how she'd managed to locate all her items in just half an hour)......I chuntered and asked a supervisor if they could open another till. "I wasn't here for 7am to wait in a queue" I said - pointedly - a la Hyancinth Bouquet - Result - another checkout opened, shopping paid for - back home with cup of latte for 7.50. That's the way to do it.....

Things I have purchased include a pan set, a colander, a sweeping brush, a feather duster (oh the cobwebs) food, some very nice balsamic vinegar and top quality olive oil (that cost more than the pan set), more washing powder, dog food (oh - do you have a dog?), two latte glasses, and a newspaper.

Happy x

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  1. Congratulations on your "new" home! Hope you liked the card. Love the house, really pretty... for sheffield! LOL! JOKE!! wish you lots of happiness there and look forward to seeing you in it soon baking cakes! C of L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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