Monday 21 June 2010

Halliburton - at it again....

Halliburton is a massive American company. They're huge. Bigger than you can imagine. Really. Amongst their major shareholders are numerous members of the American Congress. Funnily enough Halliburton get loads of Government contracts. One of their subsidiaries KBR get nearly all the building contracts to do with the war zones that the US operate in overseas. Iraq and Afghanistan to mention just two. Try Googling 'Halliburton', and what will come up is lots of shameful tales of civilian workers' bodies being returned to the US in secret after they have been killed in combat zones - also the total lack of safety consideration given to native workers that they employ in these combat zones. If you do some reading about this - the scandal is massive - and time and time again it gets pushed under the carpet - with whispers of massive backhander payments to members of the Congress to ensure that Halliburton and KBR keep getting the contracts. There is even a 'whisper' of the murder of a journalist who was investigating these matters.

Imagine my surprise just now when watching Panorama and the investigation into the recent oil spill. Apparently the problem is with concrete 'keepers' around the drilling pipes which keep them stable within the seabed. There are supposed to be a certain number and investigations have shown that the true number is a lot less than the recommended number. The company responsible for supplying and fitting these concrete 'Keepers'....? Halliburton.

Well, well,, well (there's a pun in there somewhere).

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