Wednesday 2 June 2010

A lovely night with the girls

Last night I had the girls round. ("Here come the girls"). I cooked! Nothing complicated or Delia like as I don't yet have the implements. We had toast and pate (not home made)...Pork steaks, salad and new potatoes, followed by raspberries and strawberries and lovely double cream...then coffee (Forgot the mints).

None of the girls...Jayne, Fiona and Helen...had ever met before..but they are all very dear to me. They got on famously and there wasn't a quiet minute round the table. I used my proper dinner service, my beautiful glasses, and my lovely dining room. We even had linen knapkins and silver knapkin rings...(oh how bloody posh you are!)

It turns out that Fiona and Jayne knew loads of the same people (Sheffield is one big village - everybody knows everybody) and we were nattering until past midnight. It was such a lovely lovely evening. I like being home in Sheffield, and I love my Sheffield friends.... XX (Note to Southern friends and one special next door neighbour friend in Banbury....I love you all and miss you all like mad x)

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