Wednesday 16 June 2010

Oh My Back.....

Oh my back. The logs arrived. Half a ton of them. Because access to my back garden (where I wanted the logs stacking) is restricted (narrow steps...small gate) they had to leave them out the front. So a transit tipper dumped half a ton of logs outside the front door..on the road (lucky I have some cones to mark out the hazard. Can you just imagine of Dorothy from number 27 had run her brand new Clio right into a pile of firewood because she was concentrating on her Shepherd's Pie that she was going to have for tea rather than any hazardous logs?).

Anyway - they had to be moved...and there is only me. It took me two hours, and I had to traipse through the lounge and dining room with each sackful. It was knackering and back breaking. Then they all had to be stacked against the outside wall of the house. That took another 45 minutes. At times like that I wish I had a husband...anybody's husband would do.

I was so done-in when I'd finished that I had to go and get Fish and Chips because I was too tired to be 'creative' in the kitchen - and I had 'nowt in :)

Anyway, now I have a log stack to be proud of. Enough wood to see Mrs Wood through the winter....but can't stand up straight as I've done my back in :)

I put a post on Facebook to say I was 'Shifting logs' and my friend mis-read it and thought it said 'Tracy Wood is shitting logs'...that made me laugh...a lot!

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