Wednesday 9 June 2010

Knob problems (!)

I'm not being rude...honestly...but my day so far has been all about oven knobs.

Because the tenant hardly ever cleaned the cooker - the oven control knobs became black with burnt on grease (yummy). When they were cleaned yesterday the numbers and symbols on the knobs had disappeared (Oh the trials of a middle aged woman who wants to bake a souffle!).

I have spent four bloody hours on the 'interweb and phone today trying deperately to source replacements knobs for my oven and grill. Problem was I didn't know the model number of the cooker. The 'plate' which I have been assured is on the inside edge of the oven door (NO IT'S NOT - I'VE LOOKED A THOUSAND TIMES) is missing.

Being helpful I offered to take a photo of the oven and e mail it so that my cooker could be identified. But I wasn't talking to an oven specialist...oh no .....once again I was talking to a foreigner in an overseas call centre. (fuckity fuck fuck).

Eventually, after trawling through about ten websites I finally recognised the correct part from it's photograph and managed to order it. The only problem...the original control knobs are brown...the replacement ones will be white.

Well - it was either that - or get a new cooker - and I don't have £500 to spare right now.

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