Thursday 10 June 2010 what next?

Rightio...we're all settled now. Back, cosy and snug in the little cottage. We have pretty hanging baskets by the front door, a log fire burning in the grate...a pretty little cottage garden at the back which is a joy to sit in (that's if it would stop raining)...the dog is happy...I have my lovely comfy bed and all my own things surrounding me. I can be exactly who I what I to bed when I want...get up when I want - and just be me. It's fab. .....and if I want the odd fag or drink - then I can :) Nobody is here telling me how naughty I am, or how bad I am or how I just got it wrong. Much better, much, much better. I am happy and grateful.

The next thing is to find gainful employment and then perhaps a nice man to share it all with! It will all come right in time...these things always do. I am astonished in the change in how I feel compared to say...back in February when my little world had been turned right on its head. It's true that everything happens for a reason and that even disasters turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I am truly grateful for all I have x

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  1. and how lovely to have you back where you belong xxxxxxx
    love and hugs fifilatrix xx


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