Sunday 20 June 2010

Telephone banking (shite) !

Hmmmm..trying to use switch card over internet.....apparently there's a block on my card...helpfully placed there by fraud prevention services....

Called the helpline (!) only to be told there's no problem with the card....well that's funny love because I couldn't put my lottery ticket on last night...could have won the bloody jackpot :)

Some dimwit told me to go to the nearest cashpoint machine and enter my pin and that should work (Jeez!). I insisted on talking to somebody more senior...

Twenty minutes later - after being shunted and shuffled through various call centres the length and breadth of the country - the block has been lifted and I can now use my card again. Please bring back good old fashioned branch banking. I don't ever want to speak to a spotty youth with a thick local accent in a dungeon basement rabbit hutch call centre EVER AGAIN.

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