Monday 14 June 2010

The joys of t'internet shopping......

Well...I have ordered a lovely 'log splitter' from t'internet. Paid extra for a 24 hour delivery. That was on Thursday. It didn't come on Friday, and clearly the world stops turning over the weekend and there are no such things as home deliveries at the weekend (God only knows why when you can do everything else at the weekend)....this morning I got a text message to say my delivery would be between 7.30am and noon.

Oh look at the fooking time. It's 12.55 and no parcel. Clearly I have checked the 'super dooper on line parcel tracking website'. It says my parcel left Chesterfield at 7am and it's on the van. Yaaaay. It's not bloody here though - is it?

I've just called the ' help-line' (so badly named) to be told by a cheeky young vixen from Liverpool that my parcel is on the van and she couldn't tell me more than that. Makes no difference that I paid an extra £2 for a morning delivery. Clearly they CAN'T contact the driver...(well I hope none of his kids are involved in any kind of accident today because he can't be contacted - what utter bollocks - doesn't he have a mobile phone......doh).

What a crock. It staggers me that we can do so much with technology - and yet I still have to wait in all day for a fooking delivery. I asked if I could leave a note in the window and ask for the driver to drop the parcel next door at the building firm - but has to be signed for by the recipient only.

Fook Fook Fook :)

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