Monday 28 May 2007

Which biscuit?

Just watching the BBC news and the presenters had a brief chat about which biscuit is best. We have this discussion at the stables all the time. They decided hob-nobs, but I don't agree. They're too bitty for me and you get left with oats and sawdust in your mouth long after the biscuit pleasure has passed. Peter Kay does a hilarious sketch about the 'hob-nob' (dunk me again!). If pushed I would have to say my all time favourite is the lemon puff (haven't seen one for a long time) followed by custard creams and jaffa cakes, and maybe jammy dodgers.

We take it in turns to buy biscuits for the stables. Well, some of us do. As in all things there are those of us who buy them regularly, and those who never buy them. This discrepancy disappears miraculously when it comes to eating them. We all take our fair turn at that!!!

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