Tuesday 1 May 2007

Dan has a new Pea

What? the Nicotine starvation has finally addled her brain!!!! No. No. It's okay - really.....Yesterday I went to Sheffield on the train to bring back the pea. The Pea is a little bright green Ford Ka which I have owned and driven since the year 2001. I love that little car - it's never broken down on me and it's very nippy, economical and it has a rather cool 10 disc CD player. Anyway, it's been living at Gary's house since we left Sheffield 18 months ago, and yesterday I had to go fetch it back as it's booked in for an MOT this morning. Gary has looked after it for me and it started first time!!! (BIG THANKYOU GARY!) It is nice and clean, and during the drive back down to Surrey yesterday afternoon I listened to Tom Jones' greatest hits on the CD player - bliss!!! I also threw a cup of over-priced railway station capuchino all over my white t shirt at St Pancras station - so by the time I got to Chesterfield I looked like a pikey.

Last night Dan got behind the wheel and drove me round the estate here - I thought I'd be scared but actually she's quite good and adapted to the Ka straight away - previously she's only driven a Fiesta. So Hopefully if the KA passes its MOT today she'll be driving it by tea time and I will get my life and my freedom back!!!

All we have to do now is think of a name for the little green Ka. All suggestions gratefully received!!!

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