Sunday 29 April 2007

A Bit Better

Today (no-smoking day three) has been a bit better. I am beginning to eat more stuff out of the fridge (today 7 'laughing cow' cheese triangles). My Mood has improved, the madness is still there but now it's a happy madness - yesterday I was beginning to scare Dan!!!!

I have discovered that if I have a hot drink with me I can resisit the urge to eat stuff. I have always had a real thing about fat people (as those of you who know me well will already know - my mantra is "eat less - do more"...) and I really don't want to become one, not now anyway.

I know this sounds really daft but I have got loads of extra energy from somewhere. I don't know if it's the not smoking or the running but I'm just not getting tired like I usually do. Wierd - huh?

The cravings are nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I understand that by day 6 they have all but passed - we'll see!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Sheffield on the train to collect my little Ford KA which has been living with my friend Gary since I moved to Surrey. But now it's going to be Dan's car - so it needs bringing to Surrey. That'll be the first time ever I have driven anywhere for over half an hour and not smoked!!!! About 4 hrs on the M1 and M25 and no smoking - aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

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