Thursday 26 April 2007

Paula Radcliffe better watch out!!!

The Marathon training (don't laugh) is going well!!! I've found a website specifically designed for folks who have not run in over 20 plus years to begin gradually!!! This week (week one) we are doing 20mins jogging every other day - if you stop and walk you have to make the time up. I was jogging by 6.10am on Tuesday and again this morning. Apparently the slower you build it up the better (that suits me then!). You have to build muscle and bone strength very gradually - all this is a bit of a relief as I figured I would have to start with some henious distance like 5 miles or something daft!!! - and that would never have happened.

I have sneaked a look at what I should be doing in about 6 weeks time and it all looks a bit scarey!!! But - we'll see!!!

It does make me feel a bit sanctimonious that I am up and running at 6.15am when most other folk are still zzzzzzzing!!!

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