Friday 20 April 2007

Get set for the weekend

Cousin Stephen arrived in England yesterday for Sunday's London Marathon. My Mum, Auntie Antoinette (Stephen's Mum - aged 80+) and Auntie Catherine are arriving tomorrow afternoon. Bless them - they have to negotiate the tube in London so that they can get to Waterloo to get the Weybridge train. We're especially pleased because they have promised to cook pasta (they're all italian you see)!!!

On Sunday we're heading up to London to see the end of the marathon and meet Stephen at the finish, then off out for dinner.

On Monday I have arranged a Physio to come to the house with collapsable massage table to perform deep tissue massage to Stephen's little old legs (and no doubt, back, shoulders, pelvis, head, etc etc) There should be plenty of moaning and groaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I'll let you know how we all get on!!!!

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