Sunday 6 May 2007


I've got mine back. Freedom I mean. After 17 and a half years of being tied to Dan (Mum's taxi) now that she can drive and we've got her the little green pea, she's off out and about on her own. This morning she came into my room and told me to have a lie-in because she was going down to the stables to do the horses. BLISS!!! (seeing as I had hangover from hell).

Tonight she's gone out to a barbecue with some friends, and I've got a cosy night in with the TV remote all to myself!!!

This is fantastic. She's even offered to do the supermarket shopping if I give her a list, my switch card and my pin number!!! (ho Hum!)

To all you parents who think that the ferrying around is never ending - believe me - get them through their driving test as soon as you can - and then you too can have your life back!!

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