Sunday 27 May 2007

Billy Goats

The mad ranting woman from the next door stable yard has done a dastardly thing. She has built a pen next to our outdoor menage (fenced area in which we school our horses) in which to keep goats. Goats are very cute, but bleat and leap about a lot and therefore scare the living crap out of horses. Needless to say my 'ride with your mind' lesson didn't go that well yesterday. (I couldn't possibly tell you that Phoebe was a bit naughty and I nearly ended up in tears!). We've all had goat-related near misses this week!!! I can't imagine why she has sited the goat pen next to our outdoor menage and not her own...probably because the parents of the children she teaches would sue her if one of their 'little darlings' were to fall off because of a goat-scare. Anyway Phoebe's goat de-sensitising programme continues tomorrow! I'll be the one wearing the dark brown jodphurs!

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