Sunday 20 May 2007

A bit off colour

Phoebe was a bit off colour yesterday. She hadn't eaten all her night time haynet (never been known before as she's a tad greedy). She was 'tucked-up' which basically means that her tummy was a bit pulled up, she'd been chewing her flanks and she looked a bit forlorn with her head hanging over the stable door. Now, I have a full equine first aid kit including stethoscope and thermometer - so I listened to her digestive sounds (biggest killer of horses is colic - equine tummy ache, usually cause by intestinal blockages) and everything was gurgling away nicely. Then I took her temperature. This includes lifting the tail and poking the instrument up her bottom - the look on her face was priceless(!). Her temperature was also normal. As I was mucking her out I managed to stab the sharp prong of the shavings fork in her foot and there was a little bleeding (Sorry, sorry). Anyway, by teatime she was much better - but her stable looked like it had been used by an elephant. If that amount of 'poo' needed to come out - there's no wonder that she had a tummy ache!!!! If anyone is growing rhubarb this summer and would like some first class horse manure - just give me a shout!!! I don't think horses go out for curries, but if they did she probably had a vindaloo!!!

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