Saturday 21 August 2010


The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. The rain in England falls mainly on Sheffield. Every day I get news from my pals far and wide of 'how sunny it is here'...and to be honest - I'm a bit narked by it all. It's rained here every day for what seems like forever. We had a few sunny spells back in June - and - well - that was our summer. 

I have a pretty little garden that I would love to sit out in - complete with very nice patio set of four chairs and a table - made from hardwood which I have lovingly oiled and cleaned - but at this present moment it's covered in its winter clothing and hasn't seen the light of day for weeks. 

In nine days time it will be September - and then all chance of balmy summer evenings will be over. It will soon be time to put the central heating on and get out the winter coats. Face the biting winds and dig out the woolly hats and scarves. Electric blanket and Christmas shopping beckons.....

Bloody hell.

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