Friday 20 August 2010

Three dates

All of a sudden things are hotting up on the dating front. Next week I have got three. That's three dates to go out on. Three new chaps to meet. How exciting (!)....

Date 1 - Not actually from the dating website - got in touch with this chap through a random telephone chat regarding internet security - after somebody attempted to run a 'ripper' on this blog. (What's a ripper?'s a small programme which quickly copies your entire website and downloads it to someplace else.) Highly illegal (I think) and very naughty. I'm taking a big chance here because I have no idea what he even looks like. But we've chatted on the phone and he makes me laugh. I like that.

Date 2 - A nice gentleman from Hathersage. At 57 - he's a bit older than I would normally go for - but his picture is nice and we've had a nice chat on the 'phone and he seems lovely. Once again - he's an IT consultant - and has lived in South Africa for the last few years. Seems interesting.

Date 3 - A Company Director from Milton Keynes. We're meeting for dinner on Bank Holiday Monday - he's driving up here - nice manners you see. We've chatted on the 'phone and he seems to be on the same kind of wavelength. His picture looks nice too.

Of course - if nothing else it's nice to make new friends. So let's see what happens.

By the way - this week I signed up for another dating website - which was free. Now I've been on it for two days - without a profile photograph - I know why it's free. I've had over a 150 messages and most of them are extremely choice in their content. These people are very forward.....and suggestive...and please can you explain why somebody would suggest a 'shag' when they've never even seen a picture - let alone had any contact? Am I living on another planet?

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  1. Blind date... very brave! Mr 'right' must be out there somewhere, go get him! missus, TALLY HO...enjoy:)


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