Wednesday 4 August 2010

On the Agenda.......

Next week is a bit busy. I'm away for a few days - well nearly a week actually....I'm popping down to Essex for a few nights (and days) during which time I shall be catching the InterCity into London Town - hopping on the tube to Covent Garden - and finally getting my hair done platinum blonde again......I've decided the dark hair just makes me look dour and serious - I'm convinced blondes have more fun...

Then - at the weekend I will be enjoying the delights of Surrey as I go to celebrate Dan's 21st Birthday with her and her friends and various members of the family...I am really looking forward to that. It only seems like a couple of years since I was huffing and puffing and wailing and moaning and shouting at the midwives and at Jim and at anybody / everybody in the vicinity whilst struggling (?) with labour pains and the longest 12 hours of my life! Somewhere I  have a full set of photographs of the entire birthing process which Jim (helpful soul) took on his camera. They resemble pictures from a midwifery textbook - so you can be sure they won't be shown round at her party. (I still can't quite believe that he thought that was a good idea).

Dan is a lovely young woman - as though of you who have met her will testify - she's not at all like me or her Dad - and I can't quite 'get' that she's all grown up now. I love her with all my heart and I am very proud of her. Very Proud indeed X

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  1. Have a lovely trip 'down South' & happy b/day to your baby. kiss


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