Saturday 7 August 2010


I am very excited about the coming week. I have just been to the train station to collect my ticket to go to Billericay on Tuesday to stay with Liz. (Technology? order ticket on-line and collect from machine? swearing? gnashing of teeth? double parked in taxi rank?)

Whilst I'm there I will be hot-footing it into London - Covent Garden no less - to have my hair blonded (is that a word?) again. I am sooo looking forward to being a blondie again...the dark hair was nice while it lasted - but not really me. Hopefully Jopa will come an meet me in CG and we can have tea and cake. Whilst I'm in Essex we are planning a 'Take That' tribute band night out (!).... and then on Saturday we're heading to Surrey for lovely Dan's 21st Birthday.

It will be fantastic. X

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