Sunday 15 August 2010

The World is Waiting

Dan rang me a few weeks ago and asked what I would say if she were to have a tattoo. I advised against it - not because I disapprove or anything (how the hell could I when I sport two of my own?) but I just didn't want her to do anything which she would later regret. I did advise her to have it placed somewhere where she could easily cover it up if necessary. I certainly didn't want her to have "L O V E and H A T E" tattooed on her fingers. Lovely Auntie Fiona also advised against it.

Anyway - when I arrived with her on Saturday night she took me to one side and said in a nervous voice..."Mum, please don't be cross with me...but..." and then showed me her foot. She has had a latin inscription tattooed along the bottom edge of her foot - so it's completely covered up as soon as she puts on a pair of shoes.

The latin reads..."Orbis terrarum est expecto". It translates as 'The world is waiting". I actually think that's very cool and inspirational. ...and Yes, she said it did hurt :)

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