Saturday 21 August 2010


Oh My God - tomorrow I'm going out for lunch and then I'm going flying!!!! A very nice American guy (note - when they're American - they're 'Guys' - not 'chaps') called me tonight from the dreaded dating website. He's an private charter airline pilot - and he's got his own 'plane. 

He's picking me up after my morning breakfast with Jacqui and whisking me away exciting is that? Talk about fantastic first dates!!! That one would beat all the other first dates I've ever had right into a cocked hat!!!

The only deciding factor is that it depends on the weather - so everybody keep your fingers crossed for a great weather here tomorrow :)...mind you - he did say that if the weather isn't great he's going to bring his picnic hamper and we'll have champagne and raspberries in a little country park instead.

How ideal does that sound?

I'll keep you posted!

PS - Thinking about it - he'll probably fly me to Morocco where he will have previously arranged to sell me to a slave trader......

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