Tuesday 31 August 2010


Today I was chatting to somebody and explaining to them all about Maslow. Who's he? Well he's not the guy who works down the chip shop - that's for sure. He theorised about the heirarchy of needs. As you can see above - as humans we have many needs - bodily needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs. Very simply the theory goes that when one range of needs are met (starting at the bottom of the triangle) we then become concerned with the next set of needs.

It's very true. If you're hungry and don't have a roof over your head - that issue will become all encompassing - however - once you have a home with food in the larder - something else becomes important. It's a very big subject - and very interesting to learn about. The diagram above is very simplified - but it just shows the stages that we go through in our goals. Before we can move up a level - our needs on the level we are at must be met.

If you'd like to know more - read this (and anything else you can find)

That's all folks x

PS - The credit for me knowing about Maslow goes completely to my dear dear friend Mr Dennis Carr who taught me this stuff some twenty two years ago :)

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