Tuesday 31 August 2010

Limp lap-top

Following a hissy fit last night during which I punched my laptop and very nearly threw it out of the window (I don't know - you just don't get these issues with a Mac......) Today I went to buy a new laptop. Mine - which I've only had a year - is so crammed with shite that it runs slower than a snail's pace. I used it extensively while I was displaced as my beloved I-Mac was in storage. 

In Curry's I was gutted to realise just how expensive they are - at least for a good one. 

So following the advice of a pal - I went to PC repair shop near my house and my little laptop is booked in tomorrow for a 24 hour period during which its hard drive will be wiped completely and Windows etc will all be re-installed. The result will be like a new laptop. (I can't wait). 

All for the princely sum of just £59.

I love a bargain :)


  1. LOL. £59!!! I'd have done it for you for nothing. :-)

    I'd even have throw in a windows upgrade and made sure your porn collection was in tact.

    I'd also have shown you how to do it yourself in future.

  2. Thanks Christian. But I need it NOW! You know how impatient I am :)

  3. Well I'll show you how to do it for next time.

    Don't think that a mac is free from slowdown when you install lots of crap on them either. They will react just the same. :-)


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