Saturday 20 February 2010

What have you done today?

I'm off to bed in a minute. I'm knackered and my wee little body feels like it's been five rounds with Mike Tyson. But before I go off to the land of la-la I thought I'd tell you what I've done.

1.   Rescued a distressed diver with an extremity injury from 20m underwater.
2.   Assisted a diver who had run out of air 30m below the surface.
3.   Rescued an injured diver from the surface, brought him to shore and administered first aid (saved his life!)
4.   Stopped an arterial bleed (would have died without my assistance!)
5.   Rescued a distressed and panicked diver from the water surface. Brought him to the shore.
6.   Searched for and rescued an unconscious diver from 20m depth. Brought him to the surface, administered rescue breathing (in the water) brought him to the shore, dragged him out. Administered CPR, and finally de-fibrillated him to get his little ticker ticking again.

All of this was done in water with a temperature of 4 degrees centigrade, and air temperature of 3 degrees C.
So forgive me if I'm a bit knackered. I've got to do it all again tomorrow - but this time in exam conditions. If I pass it will be cause for massive celebration. ....And, in future, you had better be nice to me - because I might just have to save your life one day!!!

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  1. Seriously Tracy, I'd find another dive school. That one sounds like a death trap!! :-)


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