Friday 26 February 2010

Missing.....can you help?

Last seen in Oxfordshire on 6th January feeding chickens. Woman, aged 46, (looks younger) answers to name of Princess Shiny Diamond, or Wanda. Short (5'2") slim build, blonde hair. Happy, funny, cheerful, kind, loving and sunny natured (most of the time). Often seen with small naughty white dog. A bit nutty, but all there on the inside. If you see her you'll recognise her because she'll be making some noise of one kind or another. May be confused and disorientated - approach with caution. Likes food and wine, (and gin)  friends, family, flowers, poetry, words, animals, chatting about the meaning of life, and old black and white movies. Has been known to play the piano (badly) and sing (even more badly). Good at ironing, cleaning...and listening, and being kind and understanding. Reasonably good at cooking. Often seen with telephone handset stuck to side of face. May be driving big black truck and eating Yorkie bars. She may possibly be spotted exhibiting trolley rage tantrums in Tesco, or  alternatively doing very poor impressions of Douglas Bader at the local gymnasium. Could be in the vicinity of water wearing some kind of strange waterproof clothing and breathing apparatus.

If you see her, can you tell her I'm waiting for her to come home?


  1. I've seen her and I know her. She also knows herself really well and she also knows that this Tracy person is there and needs to kick her arse into gear, move on and let the past go. it's the past, as crap as it is, its the past. Over with. She is now a scuba instructor, she is now a stronger person, she is now preparing for a new adventure in her life, she is now on the brink of something so new and exciting, she is now not owned or controlled by anyone, she is now her own worst enemy if she doesn't realise just how strong she really is and can be. She is loved by many people whom want nothing more than to see her flourish and grow. She now knows all of this and will acknowledge this, breath in and say " yep f**k it, i'm all good".
    C of L x

  2. C of L whoever you are - you just nailed it!! Now Tracy I will be waiting for my invite to pop over to gozo for a long weekend!!! Love ya heaps Tracy xxxxx


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