Monday 15 February 2010

All prayers gratefully received!

Rightio - we're busily thinking up ways to make an honest living. I can think of hundreds of ways to make a dishonest living.......(no shit, Sherlock) .....but I really would like to stay on the right side of the law. If you trawl the internet there is so much stuff on there it will make your head spin (mine is going round faster than Regan McNeil's)*.

I'm in a bit of a transition (dilemma) state at the moment. I don't really want or need to stay here in Banbury any longer. Paying for a room in a shared house is not ideal (seeing as I have my own house in Sheffield). I have spoken to my friend Julian in Gozo, and I can go over there for three months and do a Divemaster Internship at his dive school. It's free and I would only have to pay 50 euros a week for a room, and a bit for food (which is apparently tres cheapio), so that would be better than £500 per month that I'm paying here for a room. ......see? economics are so important! I would be trained up to Assistant Instructor level for free and if I did  that here in the UK it would cost a couple of grand. So that's an option! BUT, am I too old to go gallivanting off to Gozo for the summer season working in a dive school? (don't answer that unless it's to say an absolute NO)

I also have a sniff of a job up in Sheffield, where I would be amongst my friends again, but the salary wouldn't quite cover my living expenses, so I would have to take in a lodger, and quite frankly my dear I don't think that's something I could cope with!!!

I have another option which is to go back to Surrey, but that's only temporary, and there's no job involved so in a few months I would be potless (again) and that's not good.

I had thought I was settled this time - but my Guardian Angels obviously figured that wasn't right for me, so it's more upheaval and change coming my way. Friends say I should write a book about the ridiculous farce that has been my life, but nobody would ever believe it was a true story! regular readers, answers on a postcard please.....and while you're about it - could you offer up a wee prayer to the Gods that I might get it right next time? Thanks x........because right now I need all the help I can get!

* If you don't know who she is I suggest you look her up on Google


  1. Go to Gozo Go to Gozo... Of course your not to bloody old and its a wicked opportunity!!!! You would be mad to let it go. Cressie xxx

  2. think 18-30's holiday clubs woman.. the men! the wet suits.. the bulges!!! Do it!! C of L!

  3. This is a no brainer Tracy. All you have to do is go cap in hand back to Banbury, phone Raj and ask for his forgiveness for being so very rude, and would he please please please consider taking you as his girlfriend. Simples.

  4. I love my brother and his wit x


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