Sunday 7 February 2010

My Path

Life is presenting the odd challenge at the moment - for instance - this afternoon I went out on a date. I tootled along to Chipping Norton (home of Jeremy Clarkson - did I see him pottering about the small twee town centre?....Nah) to meet some random guy for coffee. Needless to say it didn't go well. Those of you who know me, will know that I can chatter and natter for England (and would probably win at least silver or bronze were it an olympic sport) but with this guy today I couldn't get a bloody word in. He was so horrifically dull. Had there been a pencil available I would have stabbed it in my eye. After an hour I wanted to scream at him. No bloody wonder he's single. Now, you could say the same about me.....

Seriously, it was laughable. This weekend has taken on a kind of unreal quality about it - I feel a bit like Alice must have felt when she 'landed' in Wonderland.

I would seriously like to leave limbo land now and get my life back onto some kind of track. Life is likened to a journey - but I have totally mislaid the map, and the bloody satnav has well and truly packed in.

Patience, Tracy dear, patience....eventually your path will be revealed to you.

(Note from me....."Could it hurry up please?")

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  1. You underestimate yourself. You weould easily win the gold for nattering. :-)


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