Friday 19 February 2010


This week I heard that exercise is good for your overall mood. Seeing as I pay a gym membership, and never (ahem) use it...I thought I should. So I have trotted along to Banatynes every day this week. I have run, swam, been on the cross trainer (horrid) exercise bike, sunbed, and then today went for a swim, steam, sauna and jacuzzi. I have to say that compared to a lot of the clients I don't look too bad for a girl of my age in gym gear or a swimsuit...but today I was in the steam room when 2 very FIT guys came in (wearing teeny weeny trunks).  Cue me trying to fluff up my damp hair, and pull in my tummy muscles. It's not easy to look alluring when you're all sweaty, hormonal and forty six. But I gave it a very good go. You would have been proud of me. They were foreign (or at least they were speaking a different language). I bet they were saying something about mutton!!!

As a result of all this exercise I can hardly straighten up and my gait is somewhat reminiscent of Douglas Bader. Try to look alluring now lady :)

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