Sunday 14 February 2010

Fab Weekend

I have had a fab weekend. On Friday lunchtme I drove to Sheffield to assist with the final clearing out of my Gran's house. Sadly she died about two years ago, and my Mum and her siblings have just managed to sell her house. We discovered all kinds of things lurking in wardrobes and cupboards.....not least the lovely blonde mink coat I'm wearing in this picture. I also bagged a black astrakan coat with white mink collar and cuffs - and before anybody makes any anti-fur comments (I know, I know) I have to tell you that both these garments are older than me - so the animals in question are well past reviving. I shall wear these coats with love for my Nana.

The gentleman in the picture is my lovely uncle Anthony, who is my Godfather. He's the funniest man I know and had us all in stitches the whole day. We had such a laugh, and the, once the house was cleared we all had a wee bevvy and drank a toast to the divine Diva that Rosina was. Gone, but NEVER forgotten :)

On Saturday morning I was up at dawn's crack to drive to Stoney Cove to embark on the first stage of my plans to bcome a diving instructor. Emergency First Response - which involved pseudo-snogging a half-man mannequin (he had no legs) I nearly brought him home as my Valentine - but just managed to stop myself ! Anyway I passed those exams with a 100% score, so am now fully qualified to save lives! Mind you, I shall be picky.

Last night I went to Jacqui's for a lovely curry with her and Melvyn, loads more laughing, and quite a bit of wine. I love Jacqui - she's brill.

Then another 5.30am start today for day one of a three day 'Rescue Diver' course. Today was all theory - so I still haven't braved the very very very very cold water at Stoney Cove, but I did pass all my exams with a very respectable score of 91%. I then took another short course which enables me to administer oxygen (to anybody that may need it!!).

Next weekend I have to do 5 scenario dives, the hardest one will be rescuing an apparently non-breathing body from the bottom, bringing him to the surface, administering mouth to mouth, dragging him to the shore, and then lifting him out of the water. Once on dry land I have to cut open his drysuit, assess him (nearly heart beat...not breathing) and then de-fibrillate (CLEAR) and give him mouth to mouth. I met my guinea pig today and am concerned because he's 6'3" tall and weighs 16 stone. Apparently there's a technique which I can apply  to get him out of the water - but it had better be good because I weigh seven and a half stone and have less strength than a pipe-cleaner. Ho hum!

I'll let you know how I get on x

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