Thursday 4 June 2009

Golden Wedding

My lovely Auntie Mimi (Mum's twin sister) and her husband, Uncle David celebrate 50 years of marriage this coming weekend. I think that's a bit incredible to be honest - and a heck of an achievement. If My Mum and Dad were still married they too would be celebrating as they had a double wedding back in '59. (Not much chance of that though seeing as my Dad is a bit of a dick and threw over his marriage to my lovely Mother chasing a bit of strumpet back in 1981....mid life crisis?) Ho hum.

My Uncle David said to me on the 'phone earlier today that he could have murdered two people and what with time for good behaviour would be out by now!!!

Anyway - I just wanted to publicly congratulate them both. In a public forum - so to speak - ie. my blog! So well done Uncle David and Auntie Mimi. You have been fantastic Godparents to me and I have loved you both all my life.

Many Many Congratulations. Mwah Mwah x

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