Tuesday 2 June 2009

What have you done today?

When Posselq is away he always calls me. When he calls he asks me what I've been doing! Often I am at a loss as to exactly what I've been doing all day and feel a bit of a tit when I have to say..."Oh this and that...you know..." There he is running all over the country, working long hours and being very important and 'in charge' of lots of things, and I'm here at home not really knowing what I've been doing all day!!!

So today I decided to make a list of everything I have done........

Went to Curry's to buy a carpet shampooing machine (Millie wee'd on the carpet at the weekend!)

Went to Tesco...food shopping.

Did three loads of washing.

Ironed .......5 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of trousers, 13 shirts, 11 T shirts.

Cleaned the carpet - after fully reading the instruction manual and affixing the handle which required screwdriver, pliers and adjustable spanner.

Spoke to Christian regarding the upcoming British Grand Prix.

Had lunch and read the newspaper.

Chatted to Wendy (the lovely cleaning lady)

Did more ironing - another 5 t shirts and some 'smalls'.

Phoned the Doctors and made yet another appointment to have problematic ear syringed yet again...pardon?

Booked nail appointment

Telephoned my Mother

Went to the yard and mucked out Phoebe's stable - chatted to the 'Electric Gate Fixing Man' about the merits of a Nissan Navarra.

Took Millie for a short walk.

Changed the bedding (involving a huge fight with quilt cover and quilt - some things never change!)

Cooked my dinner - which I am just about to eat!

That's not all as my day isn't over yet - I still have to do my Piano practice.

I think that's quite a lot for one day - don't you?

Posselq has just 'phoned and asked me what I've done today - so I simply told him to go read my blog!

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