Thursday 18 June 2009

Bankers (or should that be spelt with a 'w')

I have just been on the 'phone with my bank. Contact Centre....hmmmm! Somebody is taking a regular monthly payment out of my account because two years ago I gave them my debit card details. I want this payment to stop - and what's more I have changed my debit card since then - so theoretically (as I understand it...doh!) they should no longer be able to take the money from this now defunct card.

The first young lady I spoke to said that there was nothing they could do. Yeah Right. I asked to speak to her supervisor. He put me through to card services and after much wrangling and threatening to close my account...yaddah yaddah yaddah....they agreed to stop the payments.

Now, I have been known to be a tad pushy when dealing with 'Contact Centres' - but in this case it paid off and I (eventually) achieved the result I was after. However, had I been a little old lady who is meek and mild I would forever more have been facing some random company taking £15.70 from my account every month.

I then asked to be put through to somebody who could help me to raise this issue / complaint so that the contact centre staff no longer give out duff info and fob people off...maybe the Training Department, or a senior that point my call was cut off.

So this is what I have to say...Lloyds TSB - you are a bunch of cretins - and if I had my way I would blow your contact centre off the face of the earth. Then I would go back to the lovely old-fashioned system of a proper branch with a lovely Bank Manager who knew my name and could help my with stuff.

Sometimes (Victor Meldrew) I hate this modern world that we live in.

I understand about the economics of running a call centre, and that 97% of issues are sorted immediately and that's economically viable and all of that crap - (Posselq and I have those kind of chats regularly!)....but my frustration here is what about the other 3%, and why do these organisations give out crap wrong information. Have they never heard of the concept that the Customer is King? This is MY MONEY we are talking about...and yes I know that I can vote with my feet and change banks - but would it really be any better with Nat West or HSBC?

The first young lady I spoke to today referred me back to the bank's terms and which point I just wanted to tell her to f**k right off.

What about the BLOODY CUSTOMER??????

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