Friday 12 June 2009

Lid Lifting

Last night I cooked Lemon Chicken. I was following a recipe - and seeing as I have eight 'o' levels and half a law degree - even for me following a recipe is not that difficult.

Posselq thought not however - and because he is so kind, he decided to give me a helping hand. While my back was turned he chose to add the ginger which was required by the recipe. He didn't think to ask....Oh no....nothing as simple as that. He just decided that I wouldn't have done it (correctly) so made the choice to get involved. What he didn't know (because he didn't ask!) was that I had already added the teaspoon of ginger - about 5 minutes earlier.

When we sat down to eat it I couldn't quite fathom out how the dish had managed to become quite so 'perky'. I commented on that - and it was then that he confessed. To be fair he did look quite contrite.

He is now on his last warning.

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