Tuesday 9 June 2009

Bridlington by the Sea

On Friday we went to Bridlington for the day. It was to do with Posselq's work. The company he works for were sponsoring a business event (lunch, speakers, and so on and so forth) so he had to get up on stage and say a few words. We took Millie and while he was on a conference call I went for a walk on the beach. (Got told off by the beach warden for having a dog on there between April and October!!).

At lunch I sat next to and chatted with Tracy Edwards MBE and she was great. I really liked her. She did a presentation after lunch about her life - the sailing, the bankruptcy, the future.... and very good it was too - quite inspirational and all.

Also present was John Cleese and he spoke in the afternoon. Apparently it was great - but I wouldn't know as I fell asleep and missed most of it (middle age dear?).

Then - after the event - we went and had a fish supper at a sit down restaurant (bread and butter, nice pot of tea) and then came home.

I bought a stick of rock for Dan x

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