Wednesday 10 June 2009

Another Lisa

Talking of friends called Lisa - today I had a chat with Lovely Lisa from Surrey (originally from ooop 'north - so you can understand why she would be my friend). Anyway - she was asking me to put something a bit more interesting and earth shattering on my blog. A few months ago she complained that my writing had 'lost its edge' a bit!

Well that's what happens when you come and live in the countryside. There's more time to do things and everything is more relaxed - the result of that is that I simply don't get stressed out anymore - so the edgy anger has disappeared and I really don't have anything to complain about!!!

I potter, shop, iron, cook, play the piano, ride my horse, walk the dog. I live a very contented life and so the edge has gone because I'm no longer living on the 'edge of madness'. Figuratively (and literally)  speaking I now live over 100 miles away from the M25 - go figure!!!

All in all I much prefer my new life to my old life - although I do desperately miss my Surrey friends......


  1. And we all miss you to... xxx

  2. And we all miss you to... xxx


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