Sunday 6 July 2008

Top Gear Review

I love Top Gear - as anyone who is a regular reader knows. Tonight's episode was a classic all time great - nearly on a par with the funniest episode ever when they went away with the caravan (which eventually and unintentionally blew up). Very few television programmes can make me laugh out loud repeatedly when I'm in the house by myself - but tonight I was laughing all the way throughout the entire 8pm -9pm time slot.

It began witb Jezza wragging a £240K Brooklands Bentley around the race track and making more smoke from the tyres than Dumbledore would in a cauldron. He said it was like 'Powersliding a Georgian Tallboy'. When he shred the tyre his face was a picture and insisted it wasn't him that had done it. The he said "The Germans have overdone it again like they did on their french holiday in 1939" - Classic Jeremy Clarkson speak - he ought to write a whole new language. (make sure you join the Facebook group "Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister"...can you imagine how much fun life would be in Jezza were installed at No 10?)

Then they reviewed the new road signs - which very cleverly are lit by solar and wind power. They cost £10k each - but need an ordinary sign standing next to them for when it's dark / and / or not windy!!!!! About which his comment was 'We are being governed by imbeciles" - I couldn't agree more :)...then he rattled off a brilliantly funny precis of the Spanish people.

Next came the great £1000 Alfa Romeo challenge. After having been married to a man who owned an Alfa - I knew exactly where they were coming from with this. This was classic television. Part of the Challenge was to go to a race track and join with lots of other drivers pointlessly driving round and round a race track. None of the three Alphas were much good - and the three of them spent a while trying to unnerve the other drivers making up imaginary problems and telling them fictitious stories about their expected fires and explosions and the like. James may kept repeatedly crashing into the kerb and eventually cracked and said 'Cock' on camera !!! Eventually they decided on the strategy of driving three abreast to prevent any other drivers overtaking them. Brutus Hammond and Cassius May finally overtook a Ford Focus - and then brakes failed and one of the Alphas ended up on its side.

Next they took them to a concourse competition - which is like a beauty pageant for cars. This involves having your car look as good as possible. Amongst many other really funny things Hammond used Jezza's leather jacket and a staple gun to recover his seats and then Jezza and Hammond grated cheese all over Richard's engine block!!! Richard's car kept breaking down so they towed it into the competition between the other two.

It really was very very funny - the three of them are like naughty schoolboys on a great adventure. Their enthusiasm for what they do is really infectious - that must really be the perfect job.

It also helps that I fancy the pants off Richard Hammond :)


  1. I just loved the fact that Hammond just kept driving into the back of Clarkson and May.....comidy genius!


  2. I just loved the fact that Hammond just kept driving into the back of Clarkson and May.....comidy genius!



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