Sunday 20 July 2008

Lovely Day

Today I went for a boozy sunday lunch with Jo and Su. The food was great - I had Rib Eye steak - but when Jo's lamb arrived I wish I had had that :)

We were talking about the things that girls talk about when we talk about men, and what you're meant to do with them:) If you're a man - you won't know what on earth I'm on about here - but if you're a girl you'll know exactly what I mean...and very very funny it was too. We had a lovely time, with a great deal of stomach aching laughter That's something that you only really get when you're out with the girls - sorry guys :( but laughing with you is different (just as good - but different).

Top Gear has just been on - and it was a fantastic episode. I especially liked the hunting feature - well I would - wouldn't I? I used to follow the hunt when they hunted real foxes....(please don't be offended - each to their own...let's not get into any kind of heated debate regarding the merits or not of fox-hunting...that one's been done to death and as yet there is no agreement).... I was convinced that the Hamster was going to fall off seeing as he'd never jumped over fences before - but he didn't - very impressive!!!

Before we went out to Lunch Jo and I had half an hour trying on outfits for a specific occasion later in the week. I was trying on and she was, or not so hot. We finally decided on an outfit that is hot. I haven't tried on clothes with a girlfriend's advice since I was a teenager!!!

Work tomorrow - Boo Hiss - so off now for an early night with a good book (how are you spelling that?)

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