Tuesday 1 July 2008

Safer Driving

This afternoon I have to make my way up to 'Town' to attend a 'Drivetch - Speed Awareness Scheme'. This is instead of getting points on my license - yes.. once again I was doing 35 in a 30 limit at 6.45am (who the hell can I kill at that time of day - the bloody milkman?). Apparently they show you video footage of mangled bodies and stuff to scare you. I will certainly faint.

I have been reliably informed that I am a good driver - somebody told me that just last week as it happens - but it's very difficult to stick to 30 when the roads are empty. I haven't had an accident for years (apart from the smash with doddery old gimmer last year -but that was SO NOT MY FAULT), so hopefully after this afternoon I will be an even better, safer driver. It doesn't really matter anyway as my car is huge and tough so if I do have an accident the other car is bound to come off worse!!!

It says on the instructions that there is no requirement to bring your vehicle. That's a shame - I was hoping they would teach me to drive like 'The Stig" I wonder if the lovely Richard Hammond will be there? I hope so xx

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