Sunday 20 July 2008


I've been to Tesco this morning and probably came close to being locked up in the loony-bin. For some reason I'm in a really good mood today and feeling very friendly towards everyone. In Tesco I kept smiling at all people who crossed my path or looked at me. The trouble is - because I'm like I am - I kind of overdid it and started grinning at everyone like the Village Idiot. Not Good. People worry :) Southerners are not really a very reserved bunch of people and find it a tad un-nerving when some mad northern bird starts saying 'Hello" and grinning at them from ear to ear!!!

I had dropped my truck off at the car valeting place just around the corner, so on the way out of Tesco I had to negotiate all the traffic entering and leaving the car park (whoever designed Tesco carpark at Brooklands clearly had some hankering to be a Formula 1 racing driver...all twists and turns). I nearly got run over about three times and each time it happened I just laughed even more. I am convinced that they now have me on CCTV grinning like an idiot, dodging traffic, and laughing like a maniacal pre-menopausal tart. Marry that with driving through the barrier at Staines last week - and you could be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that I should maybe go and see someone:)

I've always suspected that I am bit barking (no comments please...Christian) but I think this morning it is now officially confirmed.

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