Friday 11 July 2008

More Friends re-united

This friends re-united things is really kicking in now. New people are coming into my life at an alarming pace. I have had a message from a very special old friend that I had a great fondness for when I was in Cyprus for two years during my Army days. We were very close for a while, and when this person left Cyprus to be posted back to the UK - they left their canary (called Christopher) with me to look after!!!. I went to this person's wedding in 1986 and they came to my wedding in 1985. Sadly - neither of us is still married. Today I have received a message and an e mail and am planning a possible trip to Portsmouth in a few days time to meet up!!! It's so lovely to get these special unexpected treats :)

Update - 10pm - well that's another 2 hour telephone conversation done!!! It's so great to reminisce about my Army Days. Nicky, my friend - was the first friend I made when I arrived in Cyprus all alone back in September 1984. We had so much fun together. When she got married I was her bridesmaid and she repaid the favour for me. We were in the theatre group together and we have just been crying with laughter at some of the things we got up to during our two years together at 9 Signal Regiment In Ayios Nikolaos from 1984 until 1986. I'm meeting up with her in Portsmouth in two weeks time. Can't wait :)

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