Saturday 19 July 2008


Today has been a busy day. I've had to balance my bank accounts. That has taken hours and hours and it's a job I detest. It requires concentration, diligence, and applying myself to rows and rows of figures when I'd much rather be doing something a lot more FUN. After a visit to the beauty salon (I know that you can't believe that I would need to go to a beauty salon) I went to Jo's for a bacon sandwich and Tim was showing us all the places he has marked on Google Earth. Then we watched the qualifying for the Grand Prix. I think Tim really should get out a bit more. The places on Google Earth were really fascinating - but I mean - well, ...really!!! Jo and I both started to giggle at the same time - but we had to suppress them for fear of hurting his feelings!!! When I left Jo was informing him that tonight he HAD to watch 'Serendipity". Poor Tim - I can feel more 'Google Earth" coming on:)

Now I'm just about to go and ride my beautiful horse. Then I'm calling for an Indian take-away - an early night I think and tomorrow we're off out for a boozy girl's Sunday lunch...yippee!!!!

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