Saturday 17 May 2008

Memories of a past life

Many many moons ago (far too many to count) when I was just a young lass I ran away from home and joined the Army. Well, actually I didn't run away from home - but it sounds more exciting doesn't it? After about 4 weeks our NCO's decided to let us have a little disco (that's like a rave only more sedate - for my younger readers!) and attending this bash were some spotty young lads from the Army Catering Corps in nearby Aldershot. They had a rather dashing corporal with them (to keep them in line!) whose name was Johnny Stewart. We met and fell for each other - he was really good looking! and we would see each other a couple of times a week and write letters all the time - there was no e mail or internet in those days - so it was pen, paper and first class stamp! He drove a BMW which was very flash in those days. We had loads of fun together - he had an eye tattooed on his bottom which was really rather racey!! After a few months I threw him over for somebody else (so many men litttle time) and years later when we met up again he told me I had broken his heart. That made me feel bad.

I saw him again when Dan was a baby and at that time he was in a difficult marriage, and the again a couple of years later he came to see me to ask me to marry him. Once again the timing was wrong and we went our separate ways.

Yesterday he found me on friends re-united!!! Can you believe that? It made my day. He's happily married now - but works out in the gulf and the next time he comes over we shall meet for coffee and reminiscing!!!

When we were together we used to laugh an awful lot. My memories of him were buried deep in a dusty old box - but last night I got them out and they made me smile. I can remember the music we used to listen to and the things we used to do. Those memories made me very happy.

I'm looking forward to seeing him the next time he comes over.


Beautiful New life