Monday 5 May 2008

Nice day today

After an extremely fraught week at work which ended up seeing me in the office for approximately 70 hours - I have really enjoyed my two days off - Sunday and Monday. I haven't done much - just pottered around, vacuumed, done some laundry, cleaned the car, and today Jo and Colin came down and we took Millie and Colin to the park. Millie had her 'my Mummy doesn't want me to have puppies' operation on Friday so can't go for long walks until all her internal injuries have healed (ouch), but a gentle stroll in the park with Colin (who can't run very fast as he only has short legs :)) was just the right medicine. Afterward we went to a pavement cafe and had a lovely coffee. Jo starts her new job tomorrow and is very excited....Good Luck JO !!! The sun has been shining and it's a very respectable 22 degrees here in Surrey this afternoon. I'm having fresh raspberries after my tea too!!!

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