Sunday 25 May 2008

Back from Spain

I have had a fun few days in Spain this week with the extended family. There were twelve of us out there plus Mike who looks after us all. We had a lovely time. Sadly Bob wasn't there and we really missed him. We shed a few tears in his memory and had a few drinks to salute him.

I only stayed for three days, and when I left Dan stayed behind for a few more days. She's coming home tomorrow. She still can't get the hang of diving into the swimming pool. This is third year of trying to teach her and so far everyone has had a go!! For someone who can ride a horse really well - she struggles with anything else that requires body co-ordination!!! Bless her :)

We had lovely dinners and a nice relaxing time. Unfortunately my flight home was delayed by two hours and then I had to sit next to a fat sweaty bloke who knicked my armrest...grrrrrr. Now there's just lots of laundry to do :(

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