Sunday 18 May 2008

Cosmic what?

A lovely young lady at work called Holley was telling me about Cosmic Ordering. Apparently you just ask for what you want and it comes to you:) You need to be specific or it won't work - but on the other hand - you need to give the Cosmos the chance to get it for you therefore you don't demand that your 'stuff' arrives at a certain time or in a certain way.

Things I shall be ordering then...

1. Winning Lottery Jackpot Ticket
2. Huge Horse Lorry
3. Lovely Man (George Clooney?)
4. Flat tummy
5. Own stable yard
6. Money to retire (see no 1)
7. Peace and Love for everybody
8. Empty M25
9. Miraculous wrinkle treatment
10. Long finger nails
11. Size 10 backside
12. Size 14 bust
13. M&S store next door (with no other shoppers inside)
14. A cruelty free world for Animals
15. An end to call centres
16. The demise of Traffic Wardens

and many many more things - but that list is enough to get me started :)

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