Sunday 18 May 2008

Another CCM (Crystal Clear Memory)

Another CCM that came to me today was the time I was doing my pottery o level (I thought I'd take one subject that would be a bit of a breeze!). I was working with a boy called Jeremy Hardesty who was lovely - but happened to have a glass eye. My pot went horribly wrong - all mis-shapen and whizzing round at a hundred miles an hour...a big lump of clay flung itself off and hit Jeremy right in the eye and dislodged his glass eye. We laughed so much that I wee'd myself - and not just a little bit - all over the pottery room floor. Mrs Wigmore was mortified. I wasn't though - I had spent all my energy laughing and had nothing left to be embarrassed with:) At our 20 year school re-union in the summer of 2000 that was the only thing that over two hundred people remembered about me. Ho Hum .....

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