Sunday 18 May 2008

Another CCM (Crystal Clear Memory)

They're coming thick and fast now. When I lived in Cyprus I had a little kitten called Zoe. I got her from the Cypriot equivalent of the RSPCA. Ferral cats are a huge problem in Cyprus - so when you get a rescue kitten they perform the spaying operation for free. The trick, however, is to get the timing right. The kitten needs to be mature enough to withstand the operation, but not mature enough to have had a season. Of course - I got the timing all wrong. Cue poor little Zoe being rodgered for her life in the garden by some skanky tomcat. Her back legs were about 4 inches off the floor, and the noise - ye gods!!! I ran out into the garden wielding a broom shrieking like a wailing banshee....''get off my Zoe"...obviously the tomcat was having FAR too much fun to take any notice of me:)

The result was that we had to have her spayed and a kitty-abortion performed at the same time. That incident scarred me for life.

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