Saturday 31 May 2008

The ants are back

Last year and the year before I suffered three days of the house being heavily infested with flying ants. They usually come about the beginning of May. They appear in their tens of thousands - cover all the windows (clearly trying to get back oustide), stay for a short while, then die away when all their breeding is done ...Ant porn...nice!!

I hadn't really thought about them this year - but they're back this morning with a vengeance. They're rallying the troops outside as I write this and any moment now they will start coming in. They don't scare me, although it does get a bit like a horror movie in the height of the situation. There's nothing funny about coming back home to find every surface covered with these creatures. Out comes the Dyson and they all get sucked to their death. If it gets really bad I may take some photos because I know you will think I'm exaggerating :)

I don't think Milly has seen ants before because she's stressing right now - snuffling and growling and she keeps looking at me as if to say 'what the f**K?'

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