Monday 19 January 2009


Well - I have had a lovely weekend - that is if you discount the hip injury. When I say 'hip' I mean the location of the injury - not the style of it. "Wow, that's a hip injury you've got there!"....."Why, thank you - you say the nicest things!" 

No - I injured my hip whilst out running - it's not really running a such - more of a middle aged shuffling with the odd spurt of speed every now and again - and it was during one of the odd spurts of speed that I felt something 'go', and now am left limping and in some considerable discomfort!!! I probably need to put my name down on the NHS waiting list for a hip replacement - or maybe I just need to put my feet up!

Putting the HI aside - I've had a lovely time - I went to Banbury on Friday and have just returned home now! (Dirty stop out!) Yesterday we went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque de Soleil which was spectacular to say the least. I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it to anyone. All of it was excellent and I would be hard pushed to say what was my favourite bit. Of course - who you are with makes a big difference and I was with some fab folks!

I also went out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate a young man's birthday. A very nice young man at that. 

On Saturday I bought some of this expecting it to be a new taste sensation - but alas - it just tasted like ordinary dark chocolate. That was a bit of a disappointment.

Now I just have loads of unpacking and laundry to do :(

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